Top 3 Ghetto Industries - Drug Dealing, Pimping and Prostition

Are you one of those people that wonder why so many Democrat politicians are flocking to the "Black Lives Matter" banner?  Perhaps they know the shocking truth about the sprawling inner city ghettos.  Ghettos that keep so-called progressive political leaders in the seats of power in America's largest cities, by providing them with 90+ % of the vote in local and national elections and even 100 % in certain precincts.  Democrats have done little or nothing to improve the lives of those living in the ghettos.  Ghettos where the primary industries are drug-dealing, pimping and prostitution are very life blood of these crumbling communities.  Industries that must be protected at all cost from the dangers posed by law-enforcement.  These industries depend on the "cracker" visitors, who run the gauntlet of car-jackers and thugs in order to obtain that white powder that will allow them to enter, if just for a short while, that faux paradise on earth.  In fact, it is these outsiders who provide the funds that keeps the ghetto running---everything from the corner dope dealer, the hooker, the local liquor store, and the fried chicken hut are all dependent on the white suburbanite that dares to enter this dark criminal world.  Democrats, are painfully aware their programs have failed those living, in what can only be called an alien planet.  They know that the only things holding the ghetto together and thereby keeping  their strongest voting base together in the drug dealer and his white customers.  Hence, they embrace those in the Black Lives Matter movement.  A movement that should be more aptly named Criminal Lives Matter.  This is the real reason Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and HRC will do everything in their power to prevent those in law-enforcement from doing their job in the Black Ghettos! 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thug lives matters.

Sandee said...

They don't want the cops in their neighborhoods at all. That way they are free to kill each other, steal, sell dope, commit crimes and whatever else they do without cops interfering. That's what most of this is about. Thug lives matter to the thugs and apparently by the democrats. Oh wait, they are one and the same.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

Those guys are pikers compared to the pros like Obama and the Clintons.