Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

If you have watched a Trump rally, cry's of "Lock Her Up!  Lock Her Up!  Lock Her Up!" will fill the air as millions of Americans are sick and disgusted that Barack Obama's Justice Department with Loretta Lynch at the helm refused to indict Hillary Clinton for her many (to numerous to mention here) violations of the law.  The man in the street is only too aware that should any other citizen engage in the actions that Hillary Clinton practiced on a daily basis, they would surely go to jail.

At the second Presidential Debate Donald Trump actually had the cojones to say that Hillary should be in jail and would be if he were in charge.  For daring to say, what many Americans think, he was soundly condemned by those in the elite media.  A media that quickly accused him of acting like some banana republic dictator.  How quickly those at CNN and MSNBC, who are little more than water-carriers for the Clinton campaign; seem to have forgotten that it was Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and others at both the Justice and State Departments that were acting like fascist despots by illegally moving both heaven and earth to assure that their hand-picked successor to Obama would not have to answer to justice for her many violations of federal laws.  If there are any corrupt third world leaders in the country it is those currently in power, in that great cesspool known as Washington D.C.  And what is perhaps most disturbing about those currently in charge in the nation's capital is that in most cases, they believe their actions to be not only legal, but necessary for the well being of the country.

At this time, Donald Trump in not only under fire from those on the left, but by many in his own party on the right.  I recall an old-timer once telling me that when those on both sides condemn your actions you must be doing something right.  Apparently  leaders both on the left and right see themselves as defenders of what they believe to be the status quo.  With those on the progressive side desperately trying to retain the gains they have achieved under the past 8 years of the Obama administration and those of the conservative persuasion trying to preserve what little remains on their power.  And then there is Donald Trump, a true American Nationalist, who stands with the little man and not the powerful elites on both sides of the political spectrum.  A man who would put America first and Make America Great Again!   

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Sandee said...

CNN - Clinton News Network. I don't have any respect for most of the media. They are neither far or balanced. They are far left and will only promote that agenda. Hubby thinks they support the Clinton's because they are afraid of being offed.

Have a fabulous day. ☺