Mutated Turtles attack Windmill south of La Mancha near Rota, Spain Naval Base

Just released image shows mutated Chinese Sea Turtles attacking secret American radar installation disguised as a windmill near the Rota Naval Base at El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.  At this time the purpose of this unprovoked attack remains a mystery.  However Spanish military units from La Mancha supported by U.S. Marine elements from the Rota Naval Base are converging on the beleaguered radar base in an effort to rescue the two Americans stationed there.  Meanwhile back in the U.S.A., lame duck President Obama, has requested the assistance of PETA to insure the safety of the turtles involved in this peaceful non-Muslim attack from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I see nothing more in this cryptic image.  Am I crazy doc? 

Next President? Or proof half the country is nuts!

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Sandee said...

She a witch alright and you can change that up with it stating with a 'b' too. Just saying.

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