Trump predicts Election Fraud---voters in the ghetto already know this, but white crackers are naive

Why hasn't Hillary Clinton taken a stronger stand on election fraud. It's actually quite simply, election fraud and corruption has been a "way of life" for this politician for years. She knows the Democratic Party is married to it, and must rely on huge pluralities coming out of the precincts in major metropolitan centers. I find it quite strange that blacks in the inner city polling locations seem to always give Democrats at a minimum at least 90+ percent of their vote.  While blacks living in areas outside the ghetto normally only vote for Democrats about 80% of the time. The corruption and fraud are quite evident to all and appalling to most. But this great leader has to have the fraudulent ballots stuffed up her rear before she gets scent of the fraud.
The election of Hillary Clinton, will not occur because of the will of the voters, but due to a corrupt stolen election. Has anyone noticed that the votes from certain parts of the sprawling urban centers are often, very often late in reporting on election night.  And that in close elections they miraculously appear giving the trailing Democrat a narrow victory. A victory that will put that state in the "blue" column and in some cases elect a Democrat to the presidency.  Hillary knows this to be a fact and is licking her chops, at the mere thought of fooling what has become a dumb electorate, once again.  After all to her being the progressive she is, "the end justifies the means". Corruption and voter fraud is just a way of life for this ole gal and most of her closest advisers. 


Sandee said...

I think Obama did the very same thing too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Stogie said...

Great graphics. Yes, I expect there will be massive fraud in an attempt to send Hillary to the White House.

Kismet said...

I wouldn't expect anything less.