Trump Sexual Scandals Raw Meat for Media Weasels

The media weasels have not been, in the least bit, bashful about expressing their preference for Trump Scandal wings and legs.  While at the same time, they apparently seem to be on a hunger strike when it comes too WikiLeaks emails topped with Russian Beluga Caviar.  Today's weasels are not like the weasels of old, that were the scourge of farmer Smith's hen house.  Those undiscriminating varmints simply grabbed the chicken that was lowest on the roost.  But the weasel of this modern era has become a connoisseur selecting only choice morsels that have been stamped "RNC" by top officials at corporate Weasel Media Headquarters  located in NYC and Washington D.C.

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Sandee said...

The left owns the media and they will do their bigging no matter what. I also think Trump is tearing into the RINO's very well. We need them gone.

Have a fabulous day. ☺