Massive Corruption at DOJ and the FBI

 Not only is the current Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, one that will not prosecute top Democrats who commit crimes against the nation.  But an Attorney General who will vigorously persecute those in the military, including top general officers, who are perhaps guilty of far lesser offenses than those Democrats, who are politically well connected and get that all important "get of jail free card".  Additionally Loretta Lynch appears to have an anti-police bias.  A bias that has her going after police departments across the nation, who in many cases are just doing the job they are expected to do!  I like many, am wondering if Loretta will stay on as the nation's chief law enforcement officer should Hillary Clinton become President.  After all it was Bill Clinton that had that secret meeting with her on the airport tarmac.   Was a deal struck!  A deal that would let Hillary skate on the email scandal in return for her staying on in a new Clinton administration. Perhaps, even a few greenbacks exchanged hands in back of the plane.  At any rate, Attorney General Lynch has proven she cares little about justice and everything about the Left's political agenda.  She along with Obama and the Clinton's have made a joke of the DOJ and the once proud FBI!  I am beginning to think that only a military coup will ever get this nation on the right path again. 

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Sandee said...

A very corrupt administration with Obama not taking 'the buck stops here' approach. He knows nothing about anything until after it's found out by someone else. There is no transparency at all. I never feel safe when the dems are in charge. Never.

Have a fabulous day. ☺