Should Hillary head for the White House, we can only hope the British arrive there first

Just think, we could wake up on the Wednesday morning following this November election  with a President-elect Hillary Clinton beginning to pack her shit, in eager preparation for her return trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  For some of you basement dwelling millennials who know more about the keyboard on your iPhone (that your parents pay for) than your government, that's the official address of the White House.  The same White House where she and hubby Bill tried to rent out the Lincoln bedroom when they occupied that dwelling.  The same White House, where they looted the silverware and china from before leaving in 2001.  The same White House where  former President Bill Clinton left a permanent stain that no cleaning agent will remove. 
The same White House that has been occupied for the last 8 years by the worst weasel in American history.  One must wonder if the old lady (the White House) is anxiously awaiting the return of the Clinton's or has she had enough and just praying for the return of the British carrying their torches as they did in 1814.  At any rate, as it stands at this moment in time, it appears that the dark cloud hanging over the White House will not dissipate at any time in the near future; but will only grow darker!   


Sandee said...

I'm having a party when the Obama's leave. I really am. Then if the both of them will be as quiet as Bush has been. We can hope.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

We won't be partying here if it is Shillary and her bozo moving in.

Get an empty coffee cup and you have instant WW3-just add Killary.