Two DNC Conventions for price of one

People who clicked on the DNC convention this week got a tale of two cities.  The first two days were filled with an embrace of the socialist views of Bernie Sanders, a Utopian world where ISIS/ISIL doesn't even exist, the praise of cop haters and a welcoming of the BLM agenda, and finally an almost total absence of American flags with the exception of those being burned outside the Convention Center by angry disheartened Sander's supporters.
However beginning on day 3 and continuing until the final day of this gathering of clowns; suddenly and with warning America flags were everywhere, ISIS was the enemy, Ronald Reagan an America icon and of course that pat on the back for our men and women in blue!
Hallelujah!  Finally we got that often promised, but seldom delivered, "two for the price of one"!  Unfortunately when both lamb and lion are welcomed under the same tent both get hungry!  You know the outcome---only one will walk away satisfied and full!   

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Sandee said...

The left scares me more than I can express. Power, they want ultimate power and the people will sadly pay for that. They don't see that on the left. Sheep.

Have a fabulous day. ☺