The White House Slaves built and where they continue to serve their Masters

H/T to Hope n' Change Cartoons
The lady that proudly boast she lives in a house that slaves built while instructing her personal house servants as to their daily duties all the time planning her next 5 star Vacation, paid for by the rest of us slaves.  Honestly, the only bright spot for this blogger is that come January 2017, Michelle and Barack will never have it this good again.  From then on, it's all downhill!

However I would be remiss, if I failed to address what is an obvious fact.  When Trump wins the election in November, his new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will not meet the standard he is accustomed too at Trump Towers.  Perhaps the bigger airplane will compensate for that.   

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Sandee said...

I just can't stand the Obama's. They are so phony.

Have a fabulous day. ☺