July 26, 2016 DNC Celebrates "Black Lives Matter"

You just might say, that today is Black Lives Matter day at the DNC.  Will will hear from the mothers of blacks who were killed by police.  It is fair to say, that all mothers love their children and I'm quite sure the mothers speaking at the DNC loved their departed sons.  That said, not all of those victims were innocent victims of police brutality.  In fact, one was trying to take the gun of a police officer after committing a crime in a nearby store.  And most of the others were killed while resisting lawful arrest.  Apparently most of these young men were never taught to respect authority and obey lawful police orders.  And yet, this evening the National Democratic Party Convention will parade these grieving mothers in front of the nation so they can point an accusing finger at our men and women in blue implying they are white racist intent on killing young black men.  In short the DNC is taking a page from the "Black Lives Matter's" playbook.  The leaders at the DNC may not call this black lives matter's day, but that's exactly what it is.  So if you choose to watch the latest episode of the Black Lives Matter fan club just tune in the DNC tonight! 

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Sandee said...

They don't need any help from the police. They are killing each other quite nicely all on their own. Hood rats. That's what living in the city produces for the most part. Hood rats. Doesn't matter what color you are either.

Have a fabulous day. ☺