A Conservative's Case against Capital Punishment

Why do we dare kill those who would upset our quiet organized peaceful world.  A world that is intended to be our oyster.  A world that must provide all the things we are entitled too.  Why must interlopers be allowed to upset our ordered apple cart?  I suppose the answer is simple and quite revealing as to who we are.  The human thing, the right thing to do is to embrace those poor helpless souls who are only victims of the society we have helped to create for them.  We must not condemn our brothers and sisters, but rather welcome into the human family of which they are a part.  But alas, that is not the case.  In recent years we have attempted to humanize the extermination of those we deem unfit for society.  We have developed strong concoctions of chemicals that make that "Crossing the Bar" experience less painful and in may cases quite enjoyable.  However, there are still certain areas in this sprawling nation that continue what can only be described as barbaric methods, when eliminating that undesirable John or Jane Doe.  In those state protected facilities stainless steel claws are used to crush the heads of the offending John and Jane Doe Fetuses!
It's our shame that we are more concerned about how a convicted murderer is put to death, than we are about how the most innocent among is sent to meet his maker.
by Ron Russell   

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Sandee said...

The world has gone stark raving mad. That's how these things happen.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺