The Democrats Yellow Brick Road to Venezuela

This week we have been witness to the historic move of Democrats at their National Convention from  the corrupt corporate capitalism of Adam Smith to the new promised Shangri-la of Karl Marx.  It has taken almost two full generations to remove all capitalistic propaganda from our school textbooks so we could enlighten our young people with what had been the repressed teachings of Marx and Friedich Engels.  Soon, very soon following the election of Hillary Clinton along with a Democrat controlled Congress and a Supreme Court weighted to the left America will take that yellow brick road to Venezuelan socialism.  Then all Americans can experience the wonders of Marxist equality and the joys of poverty that comes with it.  Of course some will be more equal than others---after all the common man needs leaders to direct him in the ways of the new Utopia!  To insure this transition all newly indoctrinated Americans must go to the polls on election day and vote the straight Democratic Ticket.     

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Sandee said...

And those in power will be the elite while the rest of us starve. Yes, it's the utopia for them, not for the masses. People are so stupid.

Have a fabulous day. ☺