Bill Clinton's "Tryst on the Tarmac"

Following a somewhat stealth-like meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bubba Clinton aboard her government  jet, a tete-a-tete that lasted some 30 minutes, both parties agreed that this "tryst on the tarmac" was perfectly innocent and the two only exchanged pleasantries about their grandchildren and his golf game.  However, it should be noted that Loretta Lynch's plane underwent extensive cleaning when it returned to Andrews Air Force Base  outside Washington with special attention given to the carpet in the executive lounge!     

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Sandee said...

Backroom deal is what happened here. The following day it was announced that the FBI would not have a report until 27 months from now. Enough time to have her seated in the white house and then the investigation will be swept under the rug.

Have a fabulous day. ☺