Nice, Terrorist attack kills 84: Will Obama call for background check on all truck buyers

Last nights terrorist attack at Nice, France kills 84 and injures many more.  Following a fireworks display on Bastille Day a lone Islamic Terrorist drove a large truck down a street where tens of thousands had gathered to enjoy the pyrotechnical extravaganza on the French Rivera.  Crushed bodies and body parts were strewn across a one mile area and dazed survivors sought out loved ones or shelter in nearby hotels.
Following almost every terrorist attack here in the United States our President has called for stricter gun control measures.  It seems Obama never blames the terrorist for the act but the evil gun.  In light of that, one must wonder if Barack will now call for background checks on all truck buyers and an outright ban on trucks deemed to be a danger to society.  Sounds kind of silly, but with Barack Obama who knows.  While as any sane person should know we must ban terrorist and not guns and trucks one must realize insanity runs rampant in Washington.        

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Sandee said...

And now a dead truck driver. This is becoming so commonplace.

Have a fabulous day. ☺