John Kerry, "your refrigerator is more dangerous than ISIS"!

John Kerry recently declared that your refrigerator is more dangerous than ISIS.  Does he plan to replace all those in his many mansions with the old fashion Ice-Box.  For those of you too young to remember the ice-box it was entirely self-contained and required no power source.  All you had to do was place a large block of ice in the upper compartment once or twice a week to keep your food and drinks cool---not cold as today's modern appliances do.  Private homes were serviced by the reliable "ice man" who visited weekly with that 50 - 100 pound block of ice.  Should Kerry decide to replace his dangerous refrigerators with ice-boxes we are wondering where he will get the ice vitally needed for that contraption!  In the old days there was a large ice house in almost every small town that supplied this frozen water to all it's citizens.  Of course, those ice factories had to use the same systems necessary for today's miracles of modern science to generate that frozen wonder.  But Kerry, being the millionaire he is, thanks to his wife's fortune, might just have ice imported from the glaciers of Greenland.  Glaciers, he is so set on saving from the advances of global warming.  WTF, let's just chip away at these big slabs of ice and get a little use out of them, before they melt and cause the oceans to rise.  Hell bring back the Ice-Box and the ice man, and screw the glaciers if that will make us safer.   

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