Barack Obama wanted for complicity in murder of 5 Dallas Cops

Following the two recent shootings of black men by white police officers in Minnesota and Baton Rogue, LA, before the blood had even dried President Obama quickly pointed a condemning finger at the officers in both cases.  Cases that were still under investigation.  Obama was joined in this misguided outrage by most in the media and even the Governor of Minnesota, who asserted that if the victim had been white there would have been no shooting---implying the officer involved was a racist.  All of this before the facts were revealed.  This of course, is nothing new for Obama.  After all he did the same thing in the Ferguson case where Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson who was completely exonerated after a lengthy investigation by the FBI.  President Obama, perhaps more than anyone, should realize that words have consequences especially his words coming from the bully pulpit.  It is sad that this President cannot be prosecuted for his complicity in the murders of the five Dallas police officers.  Obama's racist rhetoric toward police following the shootings in MI and LA may very well have been the spark that started the fire in the mind of Micah Johnson, the murderous Dallas shooter!         

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Sandee said...

He doesn't care about anything except his agenda. He's the divider and chief. Worst president ever. ☺