Star and Crescent: Symbol of Sh*t Hole

Were old-timers trying to tell us something when they put the star and crescent moon on their outhouses?  Of course those are the recognized international symbol for Islam.  Immediately above is the Turkish flag.  Following last nights failed coup in Turkey we will see the last vestige of secularism disappear from the Middle East and full blown Islamism sweep across that region and slowly push it's way into southern Europe.  There is a struggle between Islam, Christianity, and secularism.  A war that the forces of Mohammad are winning.  A conflict that is coming to America, if not already here, with the forces of Christianity in full retreat.  Here, in this country, where secularist seem to be winning the battle against Christians, those in the secular community seem to have little stomach to take a stand against the onrushing threat posed not only by radical Islam, but Islam in general.  In short, there is a war with Islam, but a war that our leaders in Washington fail to recognize or even admit.  A war that the west is losing!!! 

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Sandee said...

Spot on Ron, spot on.

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