The Deplorables know a Duck when they see one.

Last night there was a large explosive device (in short, a bomb) detonated in New York City.  The major of that city, Bill de Blasio, was quick to tell (what he must consider a dumb public) that although this was an intentional act, there was no evidence of terrorism.  Shortly after the explosion Donald Trump declared the explosion was a bomb and the act (although the source is unknown at this time) was an act of terrorism.  Then of course, we heard the same liberal account coming from the media (don't believe your lying eyes, but what we tell you).  Then those in the MSM went on to tell us that Donald Trump jumped the gun and the terrorist only did this because they are losing ground in the Middle East (what did they just admit the act was Islam inspired).  It appears to this observer, that it's the media getting their wires crossed, because the terrorist aren't!  After all if it walks like a duck and quacks like at duck, then it a fricking duck.

For those like Hillary Clinton and those progressives 
around her that seem to have a problem 
with duck identification 
we would strongly recommend 
they consult with the above group!


Stogie said...

In spite of a daily attack by Muslims on non-believers, the Dims still refuse to admit that Islam is the problem. So how do they solve the problem? They greatly increase the number of Muslim immigrants, thus assuring a grater number of deadly terrorist attacks in the future. Do they have their brains in backwards?

Stogie said...

*greater, not grater

Ron Russell said...

What brains Stogie? You give them far too credit.