Marines know a Patriot when they see one and a coward when they smell one

Have you watched President Trump when he steps down from Air Force One?  He looks the Marine stationed there square in the face and salutes him.  Where as ex-President Obama (damn that "ex" thingy sounds good) often failed to even acknowledge the Marine standing there.  I recall one time at an Obama address in the White House Rose Garden it began to rain and a Marine stepped up and held an umbrella over Barack's head---not so much as a "thank you" rolled off the silver tongued speakers lips!  Little wonder few if any, Marines put in for the White House detail when Obama was President.  Whereas, now with Trump as Commander-in-Chief, the applications for White House duty are flooding in.  But then, is this really surprising!

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Sandee said...

Yes, I have noticed both of those things. You're right about the ex part being ever so sweet.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺