The Race Card: Last Refuge of Scoundrels and Democrats

Donald Trump's nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General in his administration has touched off a firestorm on the left.  That most infamous of all progressive weapons, the Race Card, has been dealt from the bottom of the deck---it's proper place.  It seems that Senator Sessions, some 30 years ago jokingly said "he supported the KKK until he found out they smoked marijuana".  Honestly, I could care less what someone said some thirty years ago---it's what he says today that counts.  The truth is that, Chuck Schumer (incoming Senate Democrat Minority Leader), is not really concerned about what Jeff said some thirty years ago; but his current position on immigration which is diametrically opposed to his.  What the Democrats have here is a "failure to communicate".  Something that the recent election highlighted with them losing the presidency.  Throughout the long campaign they repeatedly played the race card, the Islamophobic card, the misogynist card and others---they have a full deck.  Actually, one must feel sorry for them, because other than their crooked deck they have nothing else to play.  Their policies and programs are falling apart---everything from Obamacare (Barack's crowning achievement) to their "leading from behind foreign policy" is in shambles.  They have stumbled into a vast wasteland of their own making and in sheer desperation to distract from reality they pull the race card from their tattered sleeve. 
A card, that no longer has any noteworthy meaning---it has been played far too many times, and quite frankly, thinking Americans want fall for it again.  However, there are still many uniformed lemmings who are hellbent on waiving that hate card as they go over the cliff.  To these unfortunate souls I have only these two words, "Happy Landing"!             aa


Sandee said...

Obama has been playing the race card for eight years. We all see what that's created. Black Lives Matter. Murdered cops. Yep, we can see what his race card got us.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

It's been longer than 8 years-it took a lifetime of practice.