How the left views the anti-Trump Oakland Riots

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States protest (some turning into riots like the one in Portland, Oregon) broke out in Democrat centers of power across the nation.  The media, when asked about the riots, were quick to point out that only in Portland did the protest turn violent and then quickly came to the defense of those youthful cry-babies who filled the streets in other cities. 
On a somewhat related note a Trump supporter was viciously beaten just the other day by a group of Hillary supporters in Chicago.  I am now waiting for the media to respond to that event.  They will acknowledge that act of violence, while at the same time, they will out the fact that no Trump supporters were assaulted in other cities across the nation.  In other words praising the lack of violence by Democrat thugs in New York and other locations.  Perhaps they should reward these thugs for their one night of non-violence with some sort of peace medal.  I'm just a simple man, with uncomplicated thoughts. But it does seem to me that when acts of violence occur the media should condemn and not deflect from the event.


Sandee said... is a terrorist organization. That's who is planning these protests. There are paid folks that go stir the pot. Bless their hearts and they wonderful why Trump won. They should look in the mirror.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

That's it! Give everyone a participation medal.