"The Bubble" today's Progressive Utopian answer to Trump Land USA

Finally after decades of searching for that Utopian Paradise, that mythical Shangri-La today's "selfie" generation has found the ultimate safe place--The Bubble!  You must check out this short SNL spoof on this "Paradise Found"!    

The Dream
The Reality
And after the long protracted search for that ultimate safe place it has been found.  A land where like-minded refugees from the conflicts of daily life and the voices of dissension can find sanctuary.  A sanctuary, that can only be maintained by driving out or eliminating those who would attempt to effectuate dissension and discord within the desired homogeneous populous.  In short a cleansing of those misfits, undesirables and deplorables thought to be a danger to the grand Utopian State---A FINAL SOLUTION!      

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Sandee said...

I think the bubble is a great idea. Perhaps they could do that off planet somewhere. Even better for the rest of us.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺