Knife-wielding Islamic Somali Refugee attacks students at Ohio State University

Today on the campus Ohio State University in Columbus a knife-wielding Islamic Somali refugee after driving his vehicle into a crowd of students jumped out knife in hand and proceeded to slash at fleeing students.  Isn't it quite amazing that those who represent only a small fraction of the many religious groups in our great nation seem to be the ones bent on killing anyone who believes differently.  As of this time the motive of the 18 year old attacker remains a mystery according to those in the main stream media.   But then, do we really need them to tell us his motive?  Hell, it was simple, just kill the infidel!  More about this terrorist is just being revealed---this Islamic Jihadist was named Abdul Artan, born in Somali and later moved to Pakistan and came to this country in 2014 and given legal permanent resident status by Obama's State Department.  Little wonder, Trump won the election.   

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Sandee said...

You'll see more of these kinds of attacks. Cars and knives that is. Schools are soft targets so they will hit those types of places. I wonder if you were in a safe zone you'd be okay?

Oh and this guy was vetted.

Have a fabulous day. ☺