Anthony Weiner's Floppy Di*k used in FBI's Probe of Hillary Clinton

It's really hard to believe that Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger is back in the news again.  And what is perhaps most shocking is that his floppy di*k in now under close scrutiny by not only his online friends, but by the FBI.  At this time it should be noted that agents involved in the examination of his soft hard drive have all been instructed by their superiors to wear surgical gloves to protect themselves from possible contamination by deposits Carlos left there while in a state of sexual ecstasy while viewing selfies from 15 year old girls from North Carolina.  

You know the strange thing about this unfolding saga, is that not too many years ago it would have been conservatives pointing first to the sexual antics of Weiner and then to the illegal Clinton emails.  But now it's the emails that take center stage.  And then, those of the Progressive persuasion see little wrong with either, when both are equally disgusting and should not be tolerated.  Perverts as well as sleazy politicians must be held accountable for their actions.  Exposing your "weiner" for all to see is no better or worse than exposing the nations secrets to those that would do us harm. 

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Kismet said...

Condemn the condom.