Long lines outside Cemeteries in and around Philadelphia prior the to election day

As election day nears in Pennsylvania unusually large numbers of young people have been seen entering cemeteries in and around the Philadelphia area carrying notebooks and laptops.  While at the same time the number of students absent from their classes on the nearby campuses of the University of Pennsylvania, La Salle, and Temple University has spiked. 
Republican party activist who have been barred from observing suspicious around polling sites on election day by Federal Court Judges, because they just might intimidate black voters have instead opted to concentrate their efforts around the cities massive graveyards.  Graveyards that have been targeted in the past by Democratic Party voting recruiters, primarily because they have found little opposition from the local residents to being dragged to the polling sites.  It should be noted that the Art of Tomb-stoning has been perfected by unscrupulous criminal elements within the Democrat Party.  And that these activities are very difficult to prove as most involved are dead.   


Sandee said...

This is why the left don't want voter laws. It will take away their illegals and dead people votes. Oh and the ones that vote more than once.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

ShipMyAuto said...
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