Hillary's glass ceiling turned out to be a Windshield

Don't turn wipers on, pantsuits leave streaks!
Remember, throughout the presidential campaign when Hillary and those around her including her adoring media lapdogs kept telling us she would break that final glass ceiling.  Implying she would be the first woman president.  I suppose if that had occurred a new glass ceiling would have almost immediately been constructed for the first transgender, gay, Latino, Pacific Islander, Outer Mongolian, and then any other etc's the left could dream up.  Well, Hillary ole gal, you were never destined to break that glass ceiling, but you have instead been headed toward that Trumpmobile windshield for a long time---congratulations you made it.  But don't worry about it Hillary, just kick back, wrap your lips around a tall glass of Crown Royal and toss darts at that Trump dartboard. 
Damn, I enjoyed writing this!
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Stogie said...

Good one!

Sandee said...

No more Bush's.
No more Clinton's.

Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Witch be gone, but did you see where they're grooming Chelsea for Congress. Yep, I S _ _ _ you not.