US Army: Transgender Men in Women’s Showers Must ‘Get Respect'

This is sheer insanity and I thought under President Trump and Mad Dog Mattis, this would be no more. Training manuals are now directing female soldiers to give “dignity and respect” to transgenders in their showers and locker rooms. This was leaked by soldiers being forced to take a mandatory class on this. This whole abomination started under Obama and is still evidently very much alive. Women are not allowed to complain or to stand up at all if a man now walks into their shower with them. This disrespects the vast majority of women service members out there. 

Female soldiers are supposed to ignore biological differences now in the shower and act as if it is totally normal, even though it puts them at risk of rape and abuse. They are being deliberately humiliated and devalued as women. Female soldiers will not even be allowed to cover themselves because it could signal a lack of “respect” for the transsexual man in the shower. That is just obscene. The US joins Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia in this horrific practice. They’ve lost their frigging minds. This should be immediately stopped by the Pentagon.  Read more.....


Sandee said...

This isn't right and I wouldn't stand for it. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

And they wonder why people don't want to raise kids in this environment.