Grifters Cash In on Subsidized Housing

As if the breeding program known as the welfare state were not producing government dependents quickly enough, Big Government has been subsidizing housing for needy tenants who do not exist: 

An audit released last month found that managers of Section 8 housing in Jefferson County, Texas, defrauded the government by stealing the identities of former tenants and falsifying incomes. 

According to the inspector general, Beverly Place Apartments in Groves billed the Department of Housing and Urban Development for “at least 97 tenants who did not exist or whose income eligibility was either falsified or unsupported.” The inspector general noted that “nonexistent tenants” were ghost tenants who either never lived in the apartment building or were past tenants who had moved out. … 

“As a result [of the fraud], HUD paid the owner more than $800,000 in subsidies for units that were either vacant or no longer occupied by an approved tenant and for tenants with unconfirmed income,” the inspector general added. To put the haul at over a cool $million, The inspector general also found that managers stole over $230,000 in reimbursable utility checks that were meant for tenants at the property.  
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