‘Death Panel’ Judge Declares Infant Must Die, And Forbids Parents From Taking Him Home

This is quite possibly one of the saddest things I have ever written on. Little Charlie Gard is the tiniest victim of socialized healthcare in Britain. A death panel has sentenced him to death… in fact, it was supposed to happen yesterday, but out of so-called compassion, the hospital extended Charlie’s life for a day or two. He is 10 months-old and he has a rare genetic condition that has caused brain damage. They claim he is in a vegetative state. His parents have been valiantly fighting their way through the European court system and they just lost their final appeal to save their son in the European Court of Human Rights. What a joke that name is. This couple raised $1.8 million dollars to take their baby to the US for an experimental treatment as a last ditch effort to save their son. The British doctors said no and claim they want the child to die with dignity. But by any other name, this is euthanasia plain and simple.   Read more.....


Jan said...

My prayers to u. God has a plan for Charlie and he will be a angel. My fear is they may want something from Charlie. Those Dr. Dam them. But don't let them take nothing from Charlie. Keep eyes on him until u have done good by Charlie. Love Charlie Angel Forever an ever. God Bless u.

Sandee said...

We don't want to be Europe. No we don't.

Have a fabulous day. Happy 4th, Ron. ☺