‘DREAMER’ Who KIlled Toddler in Hit-And-Run, Caught In North Carolina

SYRACUSE, NY (AP) – Authorities say they’ve caught the teenage driver who fled the scene of a Memorial Day weekend hit-and-run accident that left a Syracuse toddler dead and her baby brother and father injured. 

Syracuse police say Tuesday that U.S. Marshals helped track down 18-year-old Felix Santos in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was returned to Syracuse and is being held in the Onondaga County Justice Center. 

Police say Santos was driving a car that jumped a curb on the afternoon of May 27 and struck two children playing on the sidewalk and their father. 

Two-year-old Jameisha Stanford died of her injuries. Her 1-year-old brother James Stanford Jr. and 26-year-old father James Stanford were also injured but survived.   Read more.....

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