Professors: Color Blindness Is “Unethical”

Progressives progress one step at a time. With each step taken, an earlier step is left behind. For example, remember the famous quote about being judged not by your skin color but by the content of your character? Progressives have moved on: 

Two University of South Carolina professors argue in a recent paper that “color-blind racial attitudes” are “unethical” and “can also perpetuate White norms.” 

Mary Ann Priester and Ronald Pitner, both of whom teach in the College of Social Work at USC, advanced that claim in a July 19 research article examining the prevalence of color-blind attitudes among psychology students. … “Color-blind racial attitudes may prevent White individuals from developing a deeper level of awareness of racial oppression,” the professors assert, later adding that “deficits in awareness are not only unethical, but can also perpetuate White norms within the professions.” 

If we don’t stop perpetuating white norms, how are we supposed to destroy the civilization that whites created? If we don’t destroy it, how can we achieve utopia by turning the whole planet into Haiti? In addition to their many other sins, whites were found to be more color-blind in their racial attitudes — that is, they believe that success and failure are determined by individual merit, rather than by “white privilege” and imaginary discrimination against politically favored minority groups. 

This was determined by asking whether they agree with statements like, “Everyone who works hard, no matter what race they are, has an equal chance to become rich.”  Read more.....

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Kismet said...

If you want to be privileged, just identify yourself as a white male. Problem solved.