Food Stamps Use PLUMMETS After States Implement Work Requirements

As states restructured their food stamp requirements, there has been a dramatic drop in the number of people applying for them… the numbers have plummeted by 85% in Alabama alone. Just wow. In most of these states, able-bodied adults have to actively prove they are looking for work now. At the peak of the food stamp insanity, 48 million Americans were getting them in 2013. In Alabama for instance, if you are an able-boded adult with no children, you have to either actively look for a job or participate in work training to get food stamps. Otherwise you only get a few weeks worth every year. 

In Georgia, they are taking similar steps to trim the food stamp rolls. By the end of the first three months, the number of adults receiving benefits in three participating counties dropped by 58 percent. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that in 21 additional counties that restored the work requirement, there was a 62 percent drop in SNAP participants. That’s just stunning. It makes you wonder how many people out there were getting food stamps simply because they were free, not because they needed them to survive.  
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Sandee said...

Working for a living. What a concept.

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