Judge LEVELS Welfare Mom Who Says: ”Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Kids”

An irresponsible welfare queen with 15 kids thinks “somebody needs to pay for all my kids” and a judge had really harsh words for the ungrateful woman who has received more help than the average person. 

Angel Yulee Adams has been blessed by people who paid off her debts, found her a six-bedroom home (rent free) and did all sorts of things to help this ghetto leg-spreading heathen get by in life, but all Yulee Adams could do was scorn the people who helped her. This woman has 15 kids, no clue how many different fathers, and she can’t afford to do anything on her own. She probably could not afford the first child and it was a horrible idea to pop out 14 more kids without being able to support them. Children are a blessing, but people need to be responsible and make sure they live within their limits. Yulee Adams is irresponsible and ungrateful to everyone who has helped her. 

When she was in court, surrounded by people who helped her, she couldn’t even say thanks. She wanted the people who helped her OUT of her life. If someone helped me, as much as they helped her, I’d be more grateful and thankful than I could ever imagine. But not her. She just wants more freebies and she could care less where they come from. She wants you and I to pay for her kids, her rent, and I’m personally not interested in helping someone so irresponsible and belittling.  Read more.....


Sandee said...

There are a lot of clods out there and this is one of them. They truly believe that they don't have to do anything at all. The world owes them.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Kismet said...

Award this lady of the evening a Darwin Award.