Ultimate Anti-Globalism Video: The coming of a New World Order

What many have failed to recognize is that the election of Donald Trump and events in Europe are the beginning of a new world order.  A rejection by the west of globalism and multiculturalism.  The world is witnessing the biggest upheaval since WWII.  The below video highlights the leaders and voices of the men and women of destiny that will lead America and Europe into a new age of nationalism and a rejection globalization and all the evils that go with it.  The leaders of this revolution like Trump, Jean-Marie Le Pen of France, Geert Wilders of Holland and others are all being labeled as demigods by a media owned and controlled by Globalists.  They see the imminent collapse of their would be, World Government.  A government, that left unchecked would make us all mere cogs in some gigantic machine.  And completely devoid on individualism.  Thinking people across the globe have seen this onrushing threat and have recoiled in horror.  And are now voicing their resistance to this enemy, at ballot boxes.  Ballot boxes, not just in America, but in nations across the world where ever people are still able to practice that God given right---the vote.  

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