An Islamic Terrorist speaks out on the Danger posed by President Trump to the Caliphate

Praise be to Allah brothers!  I'm here to tell you about the extreme danger to our great movement caused by that womanizing Nazi who now sits in the White House.  Now that our cousin Hussein Obama has been forced from office and removed to a back street Washington ghetto, that idiot who occupies the Oval Office is threatening to open hundreds of McDonald's and Burger Kings in the lands of Mohammad.  Infidel institutions that will corrupt our young men and turn them into burger flippers instead of bomb-throwers.  The new infidel leader is also debunking the 'Global Warming Theory' of our friend Al Gore, which had been one of our greatest recruiting tools.  Brothers we must make "Islam Great Again" by silencing the voice of this former reality show star, who dares to tell the truth about our glorious path to the prophet and the 72 virgins he promised!

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