The Axiom is, you don't have to let a stranger enter your home if your gun is larger than his

Any logical person would have to agree with this axiom, "you don't have to let a stranger enter you home if your gun is bigger than his".  But unfortunately, in today's world logical thinkers are sometimes as scarce as those proverbial "hen's teeth".  Today it seems, that reasoning has been tossed out the window by those that would throw open your doors to every 'Tom, Dick and Harry' that comes down the pike.  You are no longer in control of who comes and goes into your home.  And on a parallel note, even the President of the United States cannot say which aliens can come and go across our own borders.  Just like the home owner should have the right to decide who can walk through his doorway, there must be someone who guards the door to America.  That guard at the gate, cannot and sure never be that man in the long flowing robe, but the elected leader of the country who is charged under our Constitution to protect all Americans. 
All Americans, not those aliens outside our borders who would casually stroll across our national boundaries in search of pleasure or with some far more nefarious or dark motive.  We have the biggest gun.   But, un-elected men and women in black robes are attempting to disarm, not only individuals but the nation as well.   Because they see a world without borders.  A home with open doors that welcomes all comers regardless of their motives.  If these people could remove Saint Peter from his vigilance at the 'Pearly Gates', have no doubt, they would.  Because they have no belief in Heaven and likewise no Hell.  But should those two exist, both entrance and exit should remain unrestricted.  In short, their guiding principle seems to be CHAOS!   

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Sandee said...

Fences make good neighbors. That has never changed.

Yes, some want open borders, but it appears that most don't. As for guns? I don't think anyone is ever going to take those away.

Have a fabulous day. ☺