Senior Russian Spy, Met Kislyak sits with Democrats at Trumps recent speech to Congress

At President Trumps latest address to a joint session of Congress it should be noted that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyar, was invited to sit with Senate Democrats.  Recently, the news media has been in an uproar about meetings between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Russian diplomat, with little or no attention given  to the fact the CA Democrat Dianne Feinstein and others on her side of the aisle often meet with the Russian Ambassador.  Actually this is part of their job.  Personally I believe this Russian Spy (FOX News commentator, Sheppard Smith called his just that yesterday) would feel more at home sitting the Democrats who support slashing America's military defense budget as opposed to Republicans who would dramatically increase it.  And yet it is the Democrats and their comrades in the media who point an accusing finger at Trump for allegedly being in bed with Putin.  Suddenly, it seems Democrats are seeing Russians under every bed.  They are in fact bringing back McCarthyism.  Something they use to soundly condemn.  It's fast getting to the point that should Donald Trump wear a red tie, it will be seen as sign of support to the "Reds" in the Kremlin.    

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