Russia and their co-conspirators the Obama Justice Department tried to fix the Election

One might say, "the poop has hit the fan" with the recent charges coming from President Trump that it was Obama and those in his administration that was attempting to sabotage the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration following the 2016 election.  Does anyone recall that over the past months, again and again information was leaked to the press concerning supposedly private calls between Trump supporters and the Russian ambassador.  Rumors are also flying that complete transcripts exist of these conversations.  Information that could only come from wiretaps, NSA intercepts or some other government agency.  Strangely, the legitimacy of these leaks has never been questioned by those in the media. 
That is until the moment Donald Trump claimed that the surveillance of him and his supporters originated in the Obama White House.  Then suddenly, Trump was labeled as a nut case who had gone off the rails with his tweets.  One just might ask, why are the Democrats trying so hard to blame Trump and the Russians for Hillary's defeat against a new-comer to the political scene.  Could it just be they are covering for the Barack Obama's attempt to sway the election, by using government agencies that were then, at his finger tips.

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Sandee said...

They can't see the truth. They won't see the truth. They think they are spot on and everyone else is wrong. Their party is dying and if they don't look at why they lost the presidency and so many seats in the house and the senate then their party is done.

Have a fabulous day. ☺