Parliament considers allowing previously unarmed "Bobbies" to carry Butcher Knives

Following the recent attack on the British Parliament, an attack that resulted in the stabbing death of an unarmed "Bobby" (policeman), by a radical Islamic terrorist.  The House of Commons is considering a law that would allow previously unarmed police the right to carry butcher knives.  This would put them on par with their knife-wielding Muslim brothers and not give them an unfair advantage in any life and death struggles.  However, the mayor of London, the cities first Muslim to hold that office, has already come out in opposition to this legislation.  The mayor claims, that by taking this unprecedented measure, innocent citizens could be put in harms way should  officer go off the deep end due to the pressures of his job!  

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Sandee said...

No, what they should do is retrain and arm them with guns. That's what they should do.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺