Will Trump State Dept. issue visas to citizens of Mexifornia after California Secedes from Union

At this time there are moves in the federal court system attempting to prevent the enforcement of President Trump's executive action to ban travel from certain Middle East countries.  That ban, may or may not be upheld.  But the one certain, overlooked fact is that it is the State Department that has the final word on who to issue visas to in foreign nations.  Should the courts overrule his actions the President would simply issue a directive to the State Department not to issue visas to people from those designated countries in the future.  Case closed!  But let so go a step farther.  What if the California officials in Sacramento declare their independence from the United States and that state was allowed to go it's merry way.  What then, when residents of that former state go to the American Embassy in Sacramento to obtain a vista to visit "America the Great".  Will Trump's State Department issue such a document to Juan Gonzales or Jesus Lopez?  Sometime I just love to speculate!

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Sandee said...

It's symbolic Ron. We both know that. I live in California and it's a cesspool for the most part. High crime, drugs, and thieves everywhere. It's not the great place it was back in the 60s/70s. It's a welfare state.

Have a fabulous day. ☺