Did U.S. District Judge sign Death Warrent for Innocent Americans by blocking Trump's Travel Ban?

With each passing day in the continuing struggle over President Trump's travel ban, it is becoming obvious that many in the federal judiciary are more concerned about securing their personal political beliefs than securing the safety of the American people.  Should any American die because of the actions of these judges, the people should insist, no demand they be dragged to the public square where they should be stripped naked and driven from the honored position they have disgraced.  Or even better, just turn them over to ISIS and let them take their chances there.  Because, they have in fact, done that to the people of this nation with their restraining order that fly's in the face of the Constitution and established federal law.

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Sandee said...

They will fight everything President Trump does. Everything. He's hated that much. You know what that means? He's doing it right.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺