Gene Huber, No.1 enemy of the Left and Trump Super Fan

At yesterday's Trump rally in Melbourne, Fl the President called a supporter, he had seen earlier on TV to the state.  Super Fan Gene Huber was invited to say a few words to the 10,000+ gathered there and the millions who watched on televisions across the nation.  Huber will redoubtably pay a price for his for being the new No.1 supporter of the President.  Hell, as much hate as the left shows, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he receives death threats and eventually requires police protect.  But you know something, I doubt if Gene really cares about the slings and arrows that will come his way.  The man is a real patriot.  I would venture to say, a flag-waving patriot, who supports his President and his country.  As President Trump said when Gene Huber was exiting the stage, "A Star is Born"! 

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What a great video. What a great video.

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