Case against former Trump adviser Flynn grows as Russian Vodka and Caviar found at his residence by FBI

In a late night raid, the FBI has recovered 7 cases of Belver Bears Vodka valued at some $7,240 per bottle and 5 cases of Petrossian Royal Ossetra Caviar valued at $3,036 per can at the residence of former Trump national security adviser, Mike Flynn.  If is further being reported that Flynn was wined and dined by Vladimir Putin while the former was in Russia and eventually hooked on these expensive Russian delicacies.  It is alleged that Putin used Flynn's addiction to obtain top secret military information from the Trump White House.  Needless to say, this earth-shattering information was first reported in the New York Times---an unimpeachable source of non-bias news. 
Petrossian Royal Ossetra Cavier


Kismet said...

He should have held out for some fur coats also.

MarvinBorchardt said...

Many thanks. I'm glad you found the post useful.

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