Anti-Smitic acts across the country are being committed by dedicated Trump Haters

Those in the media would have you believe that most all anti-Semitic acts are committed by supporters of Donald Trump.  Of course I'm quite sure some are.  But I suspect the vast majority are committed by youthful university indoctrinated Trump haters.  Today's university campuses are a breeding ground for the 'hate Israel' movement.  You see it raise it's ugly head on the commons of our great schools across the nation.  Following the election of Trump, campus radicals saw an opportunity to vent their hate for what they see as the apartheid Jewish state of Israel and blame Trump supporters  for these anti-Semitic acts of vandalism.  These radicals often equate Jewish leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu with Adolph Hitler.  The truth here is that their are some white supremacy groups around the country who indeed would commit acts such as these, but their numbers are small when compared against radical groups on the left.  We have been witness to acts of vandalism by those on the left again and again on the streets following the election of Trump.  And there is no reason to believe these haters of Israel walk quietly past the Synagogue or the Jewish cemetery at the midnight hour without using their tools of hate---chalk and spray paint.  I feel certain the Trump administration's DOJ in looking into these hate crimes and will soon bring those responsible to justice.  Wonder what the media will report when some left-wing campus radical along with his professor is brought before the bar.   

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Sandee said...

They they would be very wrong. More fake news. This is why the media is dying. This is a bald faced lie.

Obama hated Israel and it showed. Good grief.

Have a fabulous day. ☺