Donald Trump is an anti_Semitic, Racist, Islamophobic, Russian loving Narcissist according to the Media

Those in the MSM have there long knives out, not just for Donald Trump, but for his millions of supporters as well.  What is perhaps their most sickening act to date in laying the rise of anti-Semitic act across the nation squarely on the doorstep of Trump and his supporters.  They never actually come out and say it, but their constant reporting of such acts and implication that such acts are directly related to his election win would lead some tho believe that it's his supporters who are committing such deplorable anti-Semitic acts.  However, for some unexplained reason such acts seemed confined to areas of the country that are Democratic stronghold.  And less we forget, it was Trump who won the election and his supporters remain thrilled.  While on the other hand, Democrats are up in arms and seeking out anyway to bring down his presidency.  We have seen these reactionaries, and they are just that, vent their anger in the streets by attacking Trump supporter, burning flags, and destroying private property.  Seeing all those violent acts leads any thinking person to conclude their actions are not confined to those that flash on our TV screens.  But actions committed in the nighttime darkness far removed from the camera.  
Acts consisting of violent threats against Jewish groups and real acts of vandalism against Jew property.  Why you ask?  So that the Trump-hating media can point an accusing finger at Trump supporters and their leader, Donald.  There is an unwritten alliance between the media and these thugs who operated under the cover of darkness.  An alliance, that has but one purpose, to destroy or legitimize the Trump presidency.  No it is not Trump supporters who are calling in anonymous bomb threats to synagogues or knocking over tombstones in Jewish cemeteries.  It is those on the left who have been taught by their anti-Semitic professors to hate the state of Israel. 
But for some reason, those in the press like to point to evangelicals who stand with Israel as the perpetrators of these events.  Most in the media are aware of this, but their hate for Trump overrides what little logical reasoning they have left.  The last time I looked, Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, a daughter who has converted to Judaism and Jewish grand children.  I will say it one final time:  Donald Trump and his supporters are not responsible for these anti-Semitic acts. These acts are being committed by Democrats who hate the President.  Because they know the media will conspire with them and blame Trump.  President Trump has it right.  You cannot believe or trust what has become a lying media!  

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