Democrat Protesters stand against the Trumpian Hordes at the New Thermopylae

Time and time again since the election of Donald Trump we have seen unruly and often violent protesters on the streets and campuses across the nation expressing their displeasure with, what they see as the election of a racist Nazi as president.  These youthful rioters and we can rightfully call them that.  After all they are the window smashing, car burning mobs roaming the streets and assaulting anyone that dares to display any symbol of the man they see as some kind of neo-nazi such as that most hated red cap with the dreadful "Make America Great Again" logo.  These low-lives who for the most part come from and are a product of our great university system.  They see themselves as the mighty 300 Spartans who stood at Thermopylae against the onrushing Persian hordes.  The truth about these children of academia is something entirely different. They are a drain on the wealth of this great nation for they will continue to suckle on the national tit until such time the country has a leader who will ween these sniffling brats once and for all.  And quite frankly they fear President Trump, to be such a person.

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Sandee said...

Spoiled little crying babies is how I see them too. I hope they grow up at some point.

Have a fabulous day, Ron. ☺