Will Nuclear Codes be safer with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has proven again and again that she is able to protect Top Secret papers.  After all she is the only senior government official to ever invest (her personal money) in a private server.  A server that would keep national secrets from the prying eyes of those whose only motive was to bring harm to both Hillary and those close confidants in her inner circle.  Just recently, Queen Hillary has admitted that hundreds in the government knew about her private email (which is, an address that is no longer in existence.  Kind of makes one wonder if so many in the government were privy to this account, would it also be known to foreign enemies of the State.  One does wonder if Russia, China or even some Nigerian Prince was able to access her device.  At any rate, this master of deception (Hillary), is now telling us that she would be a better Shepard for our Nuke Codes than the Man from Trump Tower.  Of course, that is something no one will ever know.  Only one of them will be elected President and have those codes to safeguard.  On a somewhat sexist note----I have noticed over my many years that women (for some unknown reason) just don't seem to be able to keep a secret as well as men!  Battening down the hatches for this one.  At any rate, I would not like to see a woman who was such a wimp for putting up will Bill over these many years ever hold the highest office in the land.  This witch (for lack of a better word) never had the Cojones to stand up to that philandering husband of hers and we expect her to stand up to Iran, China or even Russia----I think not!  Give me the Donald any day, even with all his flaws.         

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