Vicious Trump Thugs attack Hillary supporters in Mexifornia

Following a peaceful Hillary Clinton rally in San Jose, Mexifornia, dozens of young Hillary supporters where accosted by vicious Trump Thugs when leaving the event.  Not only were the Clinton faithful forced to endure the verbal insults, in English, directed at them; but were hit by flying missiles such as water bottles and eggs.  Several of Hillary supporters were bloodied as gangs of these Trump Thugs surrounded individual Hillary fans who were just trying to leave the event.  After reviewing scenes of these unprovoked attacks on the innocent rally goers, President Barack Obama has ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to sent a team of FBI agents to investigate the possible civil rights violations directed against Hillary supporters by Donald Trump's thugs.  The president also indicated that this type of right-wing violence would not be allowed in the Peoples State of Mexifornia!
For Trump supporters that may cringe at the title of this post, this is a piece of satire aimed at anti-Trump thugs, not Trump supporters and the man who currently sits in the White House and has yet failed to condemn the violent acts directed at pro-Trump rally goers! 
Vote Trump in 2016!      

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Sandee said...

Zane was just watching a video on the Hillary thugs that were out in the streets. Love of Mexico in there. I hate living here.

Have a fabulous day. ☺