Racist! Racist! If you are White you must a Racist according to the MSM

There is a group of people in this country, let's call them Progressive Liberals, who seem to believe that most all white people are racist bigots.  In some way they are like little kids who have to check under their bed each night to assure themselves the "boogy man" is not lurking in that darkness.  But these misguided souls are not little kids and what they believe is a real danger, quite unlike that child's imaginary monster.  It is true that racism exist, but the truth is it's found in all races---black, white, brown, yellow and I suspect in little green men if they are out there somewhere in the vast cosmos!  However, today's political correctness demands it's true believers constantly point at 'whitey' as the racist in the crowd.  Especially, if that offensive bigoted 'cracker' clings to political or social views that differ from theirs.  The infamous 'race card' is often played by those on the left as a  last resort when they are losing the argument against common sense! Far to often political correctness and it's fellow traveler 'racism' is used to stifle debate.  Political discord and debate is the foundation of our republic.  The founding fathers believe this so much that "Free Speech" was included in the First Amendment. In today's America our biggest threat is not from some foreign entity across the waters, but rather from the alien monster within---POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!   

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Sandee said...

Racism comes in all colors Ron. All colors.

You can't fix stupid and most progressives are stupid.

Have a fabulous day. ☺