Democrats to Build Border Fence around site of their Convention complete with armed Guards

Democrats are planning to construction border fence complete with armed guards around the Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia site of their 2016 National Convention.  Since Republican supporter generally do not try and disrupt events of the opposing party as Democrats do, the fence it seems, will be designed to prevent egg-throwing Bernie Sander supports from assaulting Hillary Clinton backers.  It is believed this border-like fence will be about 8' tall,  therefore leaders of the DNC are asking that local stores dealing in ladders not sale those taller than 6'!  Furthermore they are requesting that the sale of wire-cutters be banned before, during and after the Convention concludes.  Democratic leaders, are for the moment just requesting that both these measures be voluntary, but should local store owners not comply, mandatory actions are already pending before the Democratically controlled City Council. 

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Sandee said...

Bunch of idiots. A bunch of idiots.

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